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Sheer Envy

Dendritic Agate and Garnet Pendant

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Dendritic Agate (also often referred to as Dendritic Opal) is a white to grey translucent chalcedony interspersed with dendritic, fern-like growths of manganese crystals.

(Dendritic Agate is now often referred to as Merlinite. It is, in fact, not the original Merlinite found in Northern Mexico, comprising of psilomelaine in agate. This original Merlinite is now very rare)

Dendritic Agate attracts wealth and abundance to our lives and encourages a sense of positivity.

Dendritic Agate assists us in connecting to the principles of nature and grounding both with the physical Earth and within our selves. It engenders a sense of peace and patience.

Dendritic Agate encourages us to be introspective and become self-aware. This self-knowledge will help us to adjust as necessary.