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Sheer Envy

Mabe Pearl Pendant

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Saltwater Mabe Pearl set with Amethyst and Peridot.

Pearls are formed when an irritant, trapped within the mantle folds of a mollusk such as an oyster, mussel or clam, is covered by layers of calcium carbonate that are secreted by the mollusk to protect it from irritation.

The term “Mabe Pearl” or blister pearl refers when the pearl forms next to and fuses against the shell of the oyster. 

The energy of pearl is one of purity and innocence. It encourages a state of personal integrity that allows self-reflection and openness to spiritual guidance.

In India, it is common to see pearl rings worn by men, for the purpose of calming boisterous or hot-tempered behaviour.

It is said that pearls help to speed up the karmic process, thus helping one to clear negative karma more quickly.

It is also attributed with strengthening the bonds of love and commitment in relationships.